Lorna Green PhD

I was born in Ottawa, Canada, in a snowstorm.

I have a background in science (B.Sc. McGill University, 1960; PhD Rockefeller University, 1965), philosophy (M.A. University of Toronto, 1971) (PhD thesis in Metaphysics not defended), a background in most of the world’s spiritual traditions.

For three years in the early 1970’s, I taught the Great Books at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, and spent some months with the Benedictine and charismatic monastery of Pecos, New Mexico.

When I was 21, as a graduate student in science at Rockefeller, I first heard the term ‘Metaphysics,’ and recognized at once it was my guide word: That was who I was, and that is what I was going to write—I had no idea, at the time, what Metaphysics was all about, but I thought it the most beautiful word I had ever heard, and that was it.

And so, by the time I was 40, I had picked up most of the major learning of these times, and it was time to get serious about Metaphysics.

I knew that if I was to have the Answers that I sought, I must put myself wholly with God, for I really was ‘just interested in God’s thoughts, the rest are details.’ (Einstein)

So I returned home to Canada, with my husband, and took up a fourteen-year wilderness life of writing, practical tasks and prayer, in Canada’s maritime province of Nova Scotia.

There all my learning came together. I took that life for God and metaphysics, and God gave me the Earth. By the time I was 48, I knew what was what, and made my first pass at Metaphysics with Earth Age: A New Vision of God, the Human and the Earth. I wrote it in 1987, it was published in 1994.

Out of my long search to know what is ‘really Real,’ I have written five books:

The Verification of Metaphysical Theories: Ethics as Basis for Metaphysics (1985)

Earth Age: A New Vision of God, the Human and the Earth (1994, 2nd ed., 2003)

Beyond Chance and Necessity: The Limits of Science and the Nature of the Real (2003)

Guiding Principles for the Planet. The New Paradigms: Meditations on Cartesian Themes (2004)

The Reign of the Holy Spirit, Christ-Self: I Am (2005)

I write about Science and Metaphysics, the Universe, Earth, Ourselves, and Spirit–especially about consciousness and its significance for the universe—in a simple, clear, non-technical style that can be read by anyone. My writings present a whole new view of Reality that differs from that of modern science, and this view is just now beginning to be recognized. My present work is published online on PhilPapers—Consciousness and the Scheme of Things, A New Copernican Revolution; The Great Philosophers Where They Missed It and Why; Of Myself, An Intro to All My Works. I also have a series of you tubes, made in 2012-2014, entitled Healing Talks with Arywn on Consciousness, A Feminine Vision for the World. Most recent article in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research, January 2017, A Feminine Vision for the World, Consciousness and a New Outrageous Ontology.

Native proverb: A true Canadian understands winter.