I write about consciousness and its place in the scheme of things and about the universe which comes to be out of consciousness, Infinite Consciousness at that!

I also write about God, the Universe, the Earth and the Human–and much about myself—in the simple, non-technical way we all experience these things.

I write Metaphysics, always, as all writers do: What is the really Real?

And I write about science, philosophy and spirituality.

All my works are simply and clearly written, accessible to all. I have wanted to give the world a new, true system of thought, here at the end of the Piscean Age and at the dawn of the 3rd millennium.

I have, to date, written five books. Beginning with the most recent, they are:

These books are described below in order of their composition.

1. The Verification of Metaphysical Theories: Ethics as Basis for Metaphysics, 1985, Interface Press

Science can hone its theories against “the whetstone of reality,” as my father put it. When I came to philosophy, which he considered hot air, I asked of the welter of worldviews and competing theories: “What can philosophy hone its theories against? Is there any way to test them, to choose among them?”

My answer is: ETHICS. Traditionally, ethics has been derived from metaphysical first principles, but when I read Socrates–“there is something within us corrupted by doing injury to others”–I realized that ethical truths, thought to be the most difficult of all truths to come by, are actually known with greater certainty than metaphysical truths. And so I turn the great tradition on its head, with the help of Plato and Kant, to claim that ethics is prior to and grounds metaphysics.

We are in and of the universe that we are trying to understand. Ethics, that is “close to us,” may give us clues about metaphysics that is “far from us.” (Plato’s terms.)

Ethics grounds metaphysics, and later I realized that the Earth, which is also close to us, grounds ethics. We can know for ourselves what injures others, and we can also know something about what injures the Earth much more readily than we can know what is happening in the great universe in which metaphysics seeks to know.

I say: Ethics is touchstone for metaphysics, and the Earth is a touchstone for ethical practices. I employ this touchstone to choose among the welter of competing theories. What is my choice? You must read my book to find out.

We are ravaging the Earth on the basis of false metaphysical theories. Now, all our ideas need to be tested against the well-being of the Earth. Do the life-styles based on them, the policies and plans formulated on them, harm or benefit the well-being of the Earth? I thus open out from ethics and ideas to the reality of the living Earth (that philosophers have never taken seriously) and take her and ourselves as our nearest vantage point upon the greater universe of which we are a part.

But this is the subject of my second book, Earth Age.

2. Earth Age: A New Vision of God, the Human and the Earth, 1994, Paulist Press, USA; 2003, iUniverse, USA


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Earth Age came directly from my lived experience of the Earth in a wilderness life and from my awareness of how devastating the great tradition of ideas, out of all relationship to the Earth, had been. In it, I discuss the false ideas about our planet on the basis of which we are doing her in, and I present new, true, and better ideas on the basis of which we can truly take up relationship with her, spirit to spirit and soul to soul.

Thomas Berry (The Dream of the Earth, The Universe Story (with Brian Swimme), The Great Work) wrote this foreword for Earth Age:

Lorna Green proposes that we reestablish that primordial intimacy between humans and the natural world, an intimacy with all living creatures and all physical phenomena that constitute the living organism: The Earth.

Every power in the universe is needed if humans are to survive with any degree of fulfillment. The powers that govern the world include vast powers beyond the Earth. These are spiritual as well as physical forces. We need to recover this intimacy with all our relations.

…There are the voices also…that modern man now seldom hears, voices of the winds, of the mountains and rivers, the voices of the woodlands and the meadows and all the living creatures that inhabit the land and the sea and fly through the air. If they had, they would surely have responded with the awe and reverence that the peoples of the Earth have known from Paleolithic times.

Lorna Green has articulated the nature of the challenge we confront and has given us a way of responding to the challenge. Her response comes from her own lifetime experience of extensive study, meditation and living with the land. She has heard the voices…Lorna Green is someone to be listened to.

3. Beyond Chance and Necessity: The Limits of Science and the Nature of the Real, 2003, iUniverse.


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My third book contains four essays, “Beyond Chance and Necessity: A New Theory of the Universe,” “The Spiritual Dimensions of Mental Illness” (an account of three hospitalizations for psychotic episodes and their most mysterious inner sides–descriptions of great interest), and “A Treatise on the First Principle,” reflections modeled on Heraclitus.

All the essays are, in different ways, about consciousness and its place in the scheme of things.

I paraphrase the back cover:

Consciousness is our new frontier. I propose that anomalies occurring there make consciousness to biology what light was for physics. All our fundamental assumptions about the universe have to change.

Modern scientists everywhere are attempting to show that consciousness can be “reduced” to the brain, that it is a by-product of brain activity. I contend that it cannot be done, that anomalies appearing at the mind-brain interface show not only that consciousness cannot be “reduced” to brain activity but also compel a revision of biological explanatory principles that have not changed since Plato’s day.

In particular, near-death experiences, largely ignored by the scientific community, point the way to a completely new understanding of the universe.

I propose a major paradigm shift, a new “Copernican Revolution.” Cartesian science, material science, the modern life sciences, need to be stood on their head. My contention is that consciousness, not matter, is “first” and fundamental in the universe and that all comes to be from consciousness.

Now, knowing that consciousness is essential in the scheme of things and not a mere by-product of brain activity, we can truly set about establishing a science of consciousness.

This proposal touches base with modern physics and has vital implications for science, for us, for our lived lives, for our place in the scheme of things, for our relationship with the Earth, and for every department of knowledge.

4. Guiding Principles for the Planet. The New Paradigms: Meditations on Cartesian Themes, 2004, iUniverse.


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My fourth book brings together ideas and the Earth to form a new metaphysics. It consists of essays written between 1989 and 2004 and are a woman mystic’s way of seeing and knowing things–a woman mystic trained in science and philosophy. They are not what you might expect, woolly and vague, but clear as a bell. (I took my cues for mind from Greek clarity.) They provide the principles for thinking about the Universe, the Earth and ourselves that we most need right now

From the back cover:

“She has heard the voices…Lorna Green is someone to be listened to.”—Thomas Berry

These essays are offered as a new system of thought to a world sorely in need of one. They are a self-portrait in ideas and replace the dualisms of the previous age—that have brought about our present ills—with a fresh, new, Feminine unity consciousness of Being.

They are a metaphysics founded on one key idea: That consciousness is the light we are seeking, that consciousness is first and fundamental in the universe, not matter. The universe is essentially spiritual not material

This “Copernican Reversal” has implications for every department of knowledge, especially for modern science and for our ways of thinking about ourselves, the Earth and the Universe.

Written both around the author’s experience of wilderness life and as a convert to God after long studies in science and philosophy, this work will re-enchant you with the possibilities for life on Earth.

Each essay is short, simply and clearly written, accessible to young and old alike.

5. The Reign of the Holy Spirit, Christ-Self: I AM 2005, iUniverse.


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Click here to purchase The Reign of the Holy Spirit online as an E-book on iUniverse.

“A superb idea, superbly done”
–Thomas Berry

Reign is a prophetic work, an interpretation of what these tumultuous times, this dawn of a new Age, are really about.

I take my inspiration from the 12th century prophet Joachim de Floris: “There has been a Reign of the Father, we are in the Reign of the Son, there must come a Reign of the Holy Spirit.”

My contention is that in all the darkness and disorder of the contemporary world, we are moving into the Reign of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love, the Feminine principle of the trinity. Love is flowing into the planet right now, surfacing the darkness before it, cleansing our souls, renewing us from the depths of our beings. All are affected by this Awakening, this momentous shift happening on the Earth plane.

My key is Christ. Only now are we ready for the Love that Jesus taught, our true fullness of being, our soul-imagery, our reconciliation with the Earth. Here is a new interpretation of reality, a new enlightenment, spirituality, sexuality, a new understanding of Divinity

All are called, chosen, have a role to play. God is with us. The Light is in the world and the darkness shall not overcome it.

The Reign of the Holy Spirit completes and crowns my metaphysical works. May you find in it perspective and inspiration, rest and renewal. Enjoy.