“Everything for us depends on our ideas about what things are.”—Ludwig Edelstein“She has heard the voices…Lorna Green is someone to be listened to.”—Tom Berry

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I write about God, the Universe, the Earth and the Human, myself, science, philosophy, spirituality, and in particular, the place of consciousness in the scheme of things.

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Dear All,

I would like to send you some good ideas that have come my way in this high desert country of the American Southwest. I have set up a blog to be able to put them out for you, these are ideas we all need to be thinking about, at this supreme moment of historical grace, and I welcome discussions with you:

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Also, here are two zoom talks, one in September with the Galileo Commission and the other January 29 with Jim Garrison on Humanity Rising. They will give you an overview of the issues we need to talk about.

In relation to the lecture, Lorna recommends you check out this document, where she introduces the session.

And now, some of the ideas themselves: I write about wonderful subjects, like an Earth that is Consciousness throughout, just as conscious as we are. The human race has never gotten the Earth right, and the pandemic, this tiny molecule that could bring virtually the whole economy of the planet to a standstill is the perfect expression of human malpractice toward the planet.

These great fires, these storms sweeping the Midwest, drought famine disease everywhere, people on the move and now this war in the Ukraine as well.

They are all the expression of the fact that we have never gotten the Earth right, and now we must.

We come out of a long line of male thinkers who held the Earth in complete contempt, who never made the connection between the life of the mind and the life of the Earth. The Earth is our life support system in the darkness of space, and when we get the Earth wrong, you get everything else wrong also.

Virtually all human economies are based on the destruction of the Earth, and we are now at a place in our history where we can foresee if we continue on as we are, our own extinction. The crisis we have caused for the Earth are erupting all around us, they owe to human arrogance and human ignorance, and they are a call to radically rethink ourselves from the ground up, by getting the Earth right.

And so, I am trying to give our reasons for hope.

These are the times of the Reappearance of the Feminine in history. We come out of centuries run and ruled by male domination, and now once again defying all of the odds the women are here and we will make the difference. The prophet Nostradamus foresaw this moment as the most important moment in the whole of our history: Long ago the brothers put their sisters down and ever since have walked the world with such a heavy tread that now nothing is left.

We need to rethink ourselves from the ground up and we need to rethink capitalism itself. Human civilization and capitalization have never understood the exquisite connection, and interconnections among all living beings, connected and connectedness throughout, to harm one is to harm all. And we have never understood that the Earth consists of living conscious spiritual beings like ourselves. We have taken the Earth to be simply “consumer items” to be turned into money in the bank.

I began my blogs without knowing it, on the day Putin invaded the Ukraine, and so my early blogs talk about democracy war our male thought traditions. We are looking for the signs of hope. We need new ideas, and we need them now. We need new religious ideas, new ideas in philosophy and in science, and we have to begin learning the full truth of the Earth, her networks and webworks of interconnectedness, and how highly and deeply our connections are with her.

A whole new adventure in human history is now taking shape. We are leaving behind us the Piscean Age, together with centuries of male domination before it, for the new Aquarian Age coming in everywhere. The Aquarian Age is to be about the feminine and we are in it. We need to find and fashion new guiding principles that bring us into balance with the Earth and with one another.

We have never gotten the Earth right; we have taken the Earth to be made for us to do with as we like. We have never gotten ourselves right either. And so, I write about reincarnation, as the truth of human identity. We have never gotten men and women right. And the present scientific image of nature as something devoid of Consciousness is driving the destruction of the planet and driving us all insane. And it needs to change.

Those are some of my themes. I also talk about the near-death experience because it cannot be explained by any scientific principles, it points to a whole new view of the Universe where Consciousness and not matter or matter/energy is the true basis for the Universe and the right fundamental term for both science and philosophy and every other discipline as well. I am proposing a radical rewrite of the whole of science itself, and a great many other issues as well.

Why so many scientists refuse to even consider the evidence for the near-death experience, why so many male minds have defined themselves by putting everyone one and everything down, and what is unique about the incoming feminine principle, that will allow us to make the difference.

We are at the end of one thought tradition, and the dawn of another that will require new values, new basic concepts, a time of Awakening over the entire Earth plane.

I invite you all to take a look at some of my writings on this blog and give me feedback and your own suggestions about where we go from here.

Here is a link to my blog: It is under my name Lorna Green.

Galileo Commission:

All best wishes, peace,